In brief


Digital transaction platform for the energy market

With the VERTEX suite, market parties can facilitate the transition within the energy market and set up complex processes. For example, VERTEX offers solutions to support and automate processes such as energy purchasing, delivery, pricing, messaging, forecasting, system balancing, maintenance and billing. Security, traceability and availability are of essential importance in this respect.



Market Messaging

Certified message exchange with Tennet, EDSN and GTS for processes for programme responsible parties (PRPs) and suppliers.

PRP Register and allocation checks

Support for register synchronisation and allocation calculations.

Time Series Management

Storage, presentation and retrieval (via APIs) of metering data, weather, price and other market data.


Technologies: moving average linear regression, ARIMA/ARMA, neural networks.

Proposition Management

Full lead-to-contract functionality for quotation generation, integration with Chamber of Commerce and Central Connections Register (C-AR).

Task management & notifications

Support for escalation and approval processes by means of tasks and system tasks, the ‘four-eyes’ principle and failure management.

R Integratie

Possibility of calling R scripts for calculations in jobs and decision tables.

Document generation

A standalone Microsoft Word solution for generating all your data-driven documentation.

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Calculating (wholesale) prices and risk premiums (including profiling, validity, volatility, imbalance). Using market data APIs (Bloomberg, Montel) and a business rule engine. Recording purchase commitments and link with ETRM (risk management) systems.

Monitoring and logging

Monitoring of automatic processes (such as nominations, messaging and web services). Logging serving root cause analyses of faults.